Big Sky Acoustics has extensive experience in undertaking noise impact assessments for planning matters.

We carry out assessments at existing sites already in use or at sites for proposed development.  We hold a comprehensive inventory of modern noise and vibration monitoring equipment, along with experienced engineers who can prepare a detailed analysis of environmental noise at any location. We can prepare noise impact assessments to assist with planning applications, and can work closely with the local planning authority on your behalf.

We are experienced in the assessment of noise impact from residential, commercial and mixed use developments and can prepare noise mitigation methods to support an application.

We have many years of Planning Inquiry experience and can prepare, present and be cross-examined on the evidence we produce relating to noise. Our approach is thorough and practical, with an emphasis on presenting useful information to assist the planning processes. Although much of our work is based on engineering theory and detailed mathematical calculation, we aim to be approachable and understandable, when we present technical information to non-specialists.

For a real-world common-sense approach to the assessment of noise for planning matters contact Big Sky Acoustics.