Licensed entertainment, in its many forms, contributes significantly to the social and economic wealth of the country. Our clients operate a diverse range of businesses from small private members bars to large capacity nightclubs. The location, building design, control of noise sources and operational issues can all contribute to whether a particular operation is a success or failure.

Big Sky Acoustics specialises in entertainment noise control. We work closely with licensed premises operators, event organisers and local authorities on the management and control of noise associated with live and pre-recorded music entertainment.

Typically, our assessment process will investigate all aspects of building sound insulation, room acoustics, plant design, operational noise control policies, sound system design and noise control. We can predict sound propagation where the noise source does not yet exist, or carry out real-time environmental noise-monitoring for established premises, events and festivals.

We can work with you and your team to provide support for licence applications, reviews and appeals. We have a thorough understanding of the late-night economy and can therefore provide very detailed noise surveys, assessment of premises, covert noise monitoring and analysis of operational procedures relating to noise control at a site. All this information can then be prepared into briefing documents to introduce changes to operational practice, detail for remedial works required to buildings, recommendations to reconfigure and control sound equipment and presentation of expert witness evidence as required.

For a practical and experienced approach to the control of noise from licensed premises contact Big Sky Acoustics.