Event noise management

Big Sky Acoustics is experienced in the planning and implementation of noise control procedures at private events, public gatherings and festivals throughout the UK.

We can assist in the pre-event planning process including supporting the application for a new premises licence at a new site, or reviewing any existing licence and associated conditions. We always liaise with the local authority regarding noise management at an event, and will produce noise predictions for the site, prepare a noise management policy, prepare guidelines for stage managers and sound technicians, and prepare guidance for security staff dealing with noise on-site.

Big Sky Acoustics has previously been instructed not only by major event organisers but also by local enforcement authorities to monitor noise. Richard Vivian is very open about his work for either side and is quoted from a public hearing as saying: “We deal with engineering fact working with national standards, guidelines, specific measurement criteria and a good deal of common sense. Our job is to assess the actual noise against these criteria and where specifically agreed levels are exceeded, or we believe they are likely to be exceeded, then we take action as quickly and effectively as possible based on our expert opinion of the noise measured. It doesn’t matter who we are instructed by, we measure the same noise and apply the same standards.”

We always propose real-time monitoring throughout the duration of music performances outdoors. This means off-site monitoring at predetermined monitoring positions, and on-site monitoring of levels at the stages. The data is correlated throughout the event and source levels adjusted as required. This allows for the changes in outdoor sound propagation caused by local meteorological effects.

A noise management team will consist of at least one fully trained acoustician. The team will monitor levels at stages, at the perimeters and off-site. They will co-ordinate all off-site monitoring data using 2-way radio communications (or email and SMS if coverage as available) and proactively make adjustments at each stage as required. For the 2014 festival season a bespoke wireless network of remote monitoring stations has been developed offering real-time noise data from remote perimeter positions.

Our objective is to work seamlessly with the technical crews on all stages, ensuring that our constraints on noise are clearly communicated and carried out effectively. Should environmental conditions dictate the implementation of very strict limits this will be continuously monitored, and, as soon as conditions allow, these limits will be reviewed. We also appreciate that diplomacy is required when dealing with complainants. We will ensure a sympathetic and understanding approach to members of the public who complain about noise from the event.

To discuss noise management at your event contact Big Sky Acoustics.