Building acoustics

Big Sky Acoustics offer a comprehensive range of service under the broad heading of building acoustics.

We work closely with planners, architects, construction specialists and end-users to ensure projects, both large and small, are designed and executed to achieve not only relevant standards of performance, but also practical acoustic characteristics for the intended use.

For the most efficient and effective outcome it is recommended that we are involved in the early stages of any project, even if only for an informal consultation.

Some of the typical building acoustics services we provide are:

  • Containment of noise from nightclubs, bars and live music venues
  • Recording studio design
  • Acoustic design of theatres, community halls and other performance spaces
  • Specification and testing of sound insulation where high levels of privacy are required between spaces such as offices, interview rooms and medical facilities
  • Assessment and control of mechanical plant noise including air conditioning, extraction and industrial machinery
  • Design of sound insulation for residential homes near to roads, railways and other noise sources

If you wish to discuss a specific project please contact Big Sky Acoustics.