Big Sky Acoustics is a professional acoustics consultancy that can assist you with planning, licensing, litigation and building acoustics projects in which expertise in the assessment and control of noise and vibration is required. Big Sky Acoustics is respected as one of the UK’s leading specialists in music and entertainment noise control.

We can provide support for both licensing and planning noise matters, including detailed surveys, assessment, noise monitoring and expert witness evidence for applications, reviews, appeals and inquiries.

Big Sky Acoustics can advise on acoustic design issues, including sound insulation and acoustic treatment for nightclubs, bars, recording studios, theatres, cinemas, hotels, and industrial sites.

Big Sky Acoustics specialises in entertainment noise control. We work closely with licensed premises operators, event organisers and local authorities on the prediction, management and control of the noise associated with live and pre-recorded music entertainment.

Based in East Anglia, we are well placed to serve clients in London and throughout the south-east of England. For more information please contact us.